8 Things To Know About NEET

8 Things To Know About NEET

NEET (National eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a medical entrance test conducted the NTA (National Testing Agency) in India. This highly sought after medical entrance test is undoubtedly a tough competitive test where students compete for the best medical seats across prestigious medical institutes of the country.

NEET enables young NEET aspirants who have taken up class 12 board exams to sit for it and hence seek admissions to undergraduate medical courses. Over the years, NEET has only seen an increasing number of students opting for it, because of the transparency it has to offer majorly and for it being the only medical entrance test now.

In this article, we look at the top 8 things every budding NEET aspirant must know, take a look.

1. Eligibility criteria – Before starting any preparation, one must carefully go through and understand the minimum eligibility criteria required for anyone to participate in NEET. The simplest one being Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects in their study of class 12. Refer to the information brochure provided on the official website for complete details on eligibility.

2. Acquainted with the registration process – Once you have understood the basic requirements of NEET, glance through the registration process that takes place typically in the month of December. Keep ready the documents required for the same.

3. Track of Important dates and events – Candidates must ensure to be updated with the latest in the world of NEET regularly staying updated with the official website and enabling notifications. Make a list of the expected dates for NEET and follow up with the corresponding events.

4. Scrapped multiple tests – Recently NEET turned out to be the only medical entrance test conducted. It has scrapped all the multiple medical entrance tests earlier carried out at state levels for admissions. Even for that matter, AIIMS and JIPMER tests have been replaced NEET now.

8 Things To Know About NEET

5. Coaching or self-study – Hands down, NEET is a highly competitive test. It requires complete dedication and smart work. Without the right guidance in the form of NEET coaching, students often do not necessarily achieve their dream scores. Self-studying now has become a more reliable and emerging option amongst students too. With the help of seniors/mentors and even online help, many aspirants are successfully cracking NEET. Choice is the individual’s.

6. Verifying answers

Unlike other tests, NEET provides students with the option of verifying and even challenging their responses in case of any discrepancies once the response sheets of each student is uploaded on the official website. Students can hence verify and predict their estimated ranks much before the official declaration of results.

7. Transparency – NEET is a transparent test, where students are granted seats purely based on their performance and NEET scores. It is a merit based test, where the better you perform, the better are your chances of landing up in a better medical college.

8. NEET cut-off – Candidates are required to clear a minimum score, known as the NEET cut-off score in order to successfully qualify the entrance test and participate in the counselling rounds. There are instances wherein a student secures the same marks, in which case, the tie-breaker criteria comes in to the picture (a good example is as seen in NEET 2020 results)

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Eddie Mason

Eddie Mason