February 23, 2024

In these current, strange times, we could all use a little extra help loosening up. Azuca’s CBD simple syrup is an easily infused full dose of CBD, right at your fingertips. It can be used in any of your favorite recipes without any detectable hemp taste or smell. CBD (cannabidiol) is an all-natural extract found in hemp, shown to have countless positive effects, including helping you relax. Thanks to Azuca, getting high-quality CBD products without compromising on taste is easy and accessible for people of all lifestyles. Using only USA grown hemp, Azuca has a passion for only producing the highest-quality, reliable edible products that you can feel good about, no matter your lifestyle. Azuca’s products are vegan, gluten-free, and never tested on animals.

Why Choose Azuca?

It’s no question that these days, there is no shortage of CBD companies to choose from. The most important in that decision is finding a company and a product that you can trust. Azuca was born from the need for a high-quality, reliable, and tasty edible CBD product to the market. Founded by a master chef, Azuca prides itself on being a CBD company that chefs of all levels would love. This means only the highest quality ingredients that easily infuse into any dish, drink, or dessert to bring you fast-acting CBD relaxation power. Azuca’s (patent pending) revolutionary TiME INFUSION™ technology is a game-changer to the hemp world, allowing you to feel the effects in just up to 15 minutes. Traditional edibles take at least (or upwards of) an hour, and leave a lot of room for error in dosage amounts. With a much shorter wait time, you are fully in control of your dosage and experience.

Simple Syrup

Which Azuca Edible Product Is Right For You?

All Azuca products would fit easily into any lifestyle, however, it’s easy to have a favorite way to infuse. CBD Sugar is similar to the regular granulated sugar you are used to, but with a twist. With 25 milligrams of CBD per ½ teaspoon and no aftertaste, it is made to blend in instead of standing out. CBD infused sugar is a great compliment to any food or drink. Similarly, CBD Simple Syrup is a liquid cane sugar additive that blends seamlessly into any recipe, from a snack to a cocktail. Made from real cane sugar, the simple syrup has a smooth taste and texture, perfect for complementing a dish or dessert, or enjoying it as a stand-alone edible. With the same recommended serving size, and fast-acting results both of these sugar-based infusions are a perfect and discreet way to keep you in control of your CBD experience. Azuca also offers CBD infused dark chocolate coins for a more direct dose on the go. With 25 milligrams of CBD power per piece, these chocolates are a perfect snack on their own or baked into a sweet treat. You can try and taste multiple of these fast-acting CBD treats with Azuca’s product bundles. All of these products feature Azuca’s signature, fast-acting TiME INFUSION™ technology, and can be taken in more personalized doses depending on the desired experience. Azuca makes dosing with CBD easy, reliable, and discreet, no matter which product you pick.