February 20, 2024

Do you know how much it is to control the portion of diet for weight loss? It doesn’t mean you need to have extra small portions of food to get the target. People who are eating too much need to retrain their brains for satisfying diet portions. Here in this blog we are going to share how to control portion size for weight loss. It’s important to burn more calories than you consume. Have a look at tips

Take Meal with Glass of Water

It’s essential to have 2-3 liters of water daily and when you start eating water will fill the belly to avoid overeating. It would help to get rid of dehydration that actually cause the rumbling belly. Sip some water to manage the hunger and portion altogether.

Use Plate as Portion Guide

Make sure you people are using a standard size plate that would help you to curb the food intake. Divide the plate into sections based on each group. Make sure while preparing the plate fill the half plate with veggies and salad. Quarter plate must have protein and another quarter should have whole grains. You can have healthy fats such as cheese, oils or avocado.

Eat Slowly

Chewing slowly would help you to reduce caloric intake and make you full more than anything else. Once you slow down eating and giving the satiety signals to yourself would make the portion control easier. Listen to relaxed music for a leisure meal and dim the lights to increase the excitement of eating and you would see the significant change in portion size while eating. You would see significant change in portion control.

Use Carbs as Topping

If you love to have carbs then use carbs as topping instead of base. Fill your cup with yogurt and then sprinkle some amount of granola on top to enjoy the craving. Load your plate with veggies and a serving of lean protein along with a quarter cup of brown rice.

Limit Distractions

It’s important to turn off the TV and smartphone while you eat because you all consume more with these distractions. If you take lunch break away from the desk then definitely you won’t be attentive to your food so whenever you eat food make yourself more attentive to food to reduce calories count.

Portion Control for Losing Weight with PCOS - PCOS Personal Trainer

Give Yourself Sweet Treat

There are so many people who need a sweet treat right after the meal and when you are done with eating then finish the meal with something sweet. It could be anything peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate and one of the fruity varieties or low calorie sweet tooth satisfier. Why don’t you make yourself selective with the sweet treat? Take fruit rather than a chocolate cake to avoid more calories.

Check Food Labels

Everyone should know the right information about nutrition and for this check the food labels to serve yourself. It would be different from the amount you usually eat. Ask your nutritionist for the right amount of food intake.

Pay Attention while Eating out

If you people are eating out then don’t forget to pay attention to supersized portions of what you eat because it’s difficult to resist the temptation. It’s totally up to you how you would control the portion but follow the same scheme while eating out.

Track Food

You must be thinking how to keep the food track and food journal will be much more effective for managing portions. Don’t forget to write down everything you eat. There are so many mobile apps available for this purpose but you would be able to come to know what you have eaten so far. Do let us know if this trick is helpful for you or not.

Measure Food

It’s imperative to find the accurate serving sizes and for this measure the size. Use cups and spoons to take help but it is much easier to fill a cup or spoon and find out the right size. Digital food scale is used to measure the food.

Meal Prep

You would make the portion control practice more effective with the prep meal in advance to ensure healthy meals for the week. Store portioned meals perfectly in single serve containers. Follow the healthy advice or some effective ideas that saves your money and time.

Skip Alcohol

Make sure you people are not sipping the alcohol with meals. Skip alcohol from diet plan when you want to control portions especially for weight loss. Alcohol addicts need to consult the rehab centers for the alcohol rehabilitation program and they would guide the perfect meal plan as well as treatment option. Don’t take it for granted for the sake of health.

How to Learn Portion Size at Home?

We would suggest you to weigh your food with food scale and for this learn serving size. Monitor the portion sizes and measure the ingredients for recipes. It would be tough for so many of you to determine which scale will best suit your needs but meal prep for families requires a higher capacity scale that watches out for the carbs and counting macros to do everything in advance for the nutrition scale.

Don’t Prefer Leftovers

We don’t suggest you waste food because it’s not ideal but we don’t want you to finish everyone else’s portion. Temptations may force you to do this in affection for children that may not be quite enough for the whole.

These are the ways to control portion size for weight loss. Make sure you have taken the help from a nutritionist. They would suggest you a better diet plan and few recommendations that can be adopted for a better lifestyle. If you all have any medical history then ask for recommendations as well to find out the better solution. Drug addicts need to pay attention to their treatment first rather than following and diet plan. Nothing is impossible and you would see the difference in your health with the portion control management. a

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