February 20, 2024

When an accident happens to our tooth, if we have the necessary knowledge for the damaged tooth, we can save it. More clearly, we know how to save our teeth if an accident occurs, such as a broken tooth. It would help if you visited the dentist immediately for all dental emergencies. Most dentists have time for emergency treatments in their daily schedule. Therefore, as a professional same-day emergency dentist in Orangeville states, if an accident occurs, contact the dentist immediately, give sufficient information about the accident, and ask the dental expert about post-injury care. However, until visiting your emergency dentist, there are some helpful actions that will be explained in this article.

What Should Be Done If the Tooth Falls Out of the Mouth?

If the permanent tooth falls out of its place, keep it in a moist jar; if possible, do not touch its root; place the tooth in your bone cavity.

If it is impossible to place the tooth in its socket, place it between your gum and cheek or use ADA-approved milk and solutions to preserve it until the dentist’s office.

What Should Be Done If a Child’s Tooth Falls Out?

If the tooth is permanent, do the things mentioned above; But if it is a baby tooth, try to find the tooth first and keep it in a moist environment and then visit the dentist to check if the tooth has come out of all its cavities or if a part is still left. It is up to the dentist to put the tooth back in its socket.

What to Do If a Tooth Breaks?

If a tooth breaks, rinse your mouth immediately to clean the damaged area. Then, if your face is swollen, apply a cold compress to prevent swelling. See a dentist as soon as possible.

What Ought to Be Done in the Event of a Toothache?

If you have a toothache, use dental floss to remove leftover food between your teeth after thoroughly rinsing your mouth with water. Under no circumstances should you take aspirin tablets for dental pain since this will burn your gum tissue. Finally, visit a dentist.

What Should a Person Do If He or She Gets Superficial Mouth Sores Caused by Physical and Chemical Irritations?

A person can develop wounds due to strong and intense brushing, eating hot food and drinks, and irritations caused by orthodontic brackets. You can use an oxygenated mouthwash solution that creates bubbles and helps to eliminate the wounds caused by food crumbs.


What Should Be Done If a Foreign Object Is Stuck Between the Teeth?

If the foreign object is visible, remove it with a pair of tweezers; But if it is not visible, try to remove it using dental floss. Never use a sharp object to remove the object. If the object is too deep and you cannot remove it, visit the dentist.

What Should a Person Do If He or She Has a Broken Jaw?

If you notice that your jaw is broken, it is better to use a cold compress to prevent swelling. In the next step, immediately go to the dentist or the emergency department.

How Can Emergencies Be Prevented?

If you take all the necessary precautions, you can prevent an acute accident:

If you want to exercise or do a lot of activities, it is better to use a gum protector.

Avoid chewing hard candy, ice, and hard food separately because it causes teeth to break.

Use scissors to cut fabric and hard objects; never use your teeth to cut.