Why Take A Personalized Vitamin?

Personalized Vitamin

It turns out that we are not all the same. We do not eat the same, live the same or have the same nutritional needs.   My friend or neighbor may tell me that they are taking certain vitamins that are helpful to them. A story on the news may suggest that a certain vitamin is good for your health. However, each person’s individual needs must be considered in determining what to take.

As a physician I see patients all the time who ask “What vitamins should I be taking?”. The answer is not the same for everyone. The red meat eater may need iron, but less than the vegetarian. Individual vitamin D needs vary greatly depending on a variety of factors including exposure to sunlight, ethnicity and other health factors.  Some individuals need other vitamins such as magnesium, B vitamins or others , all depending on a variety of factors.

It is essential that each person get the right vitamins for them in proper amounts. Vitamins, like any medication, must be taken in proper and safe doses, based on a person’s health needs. Taking too much of vitamins can cause problems including unpleasant side effects, toxicity and more. More is not always better, even of important vitamins. It is important to take vitamins and supplements only via a doctor approved personalized vitamin routine.

Why are taking the right vitamins so important to your health? Personalized vitamins may help you feel better. Vitamin deficiencies are associated with many symptoms including low energy, thinning hair,  fatigue, trouble losing weight, migraines, muscle aches, GI symptoms and more. Correcting vitamin deficiencies can help with many of these issues and can also play an important role in supporting aspects of health including immunity, bone density, memory and cognition, heart health, joint health and more.

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The challenge is knowing what to take and how much based on your individual needs. A great way to get personalized vitamins is to take an online vitamin quiz. Via questions about your diet, health habits, demographics, symptoms and health history a doctor created system can address your individual needs with a personalized vitamin regimen. Ideally an all in one daily vitamin can be customized to the individual so that you do not have to take handfuls of pills and cumbersome pill packs.

Vitamin needs can change over the course of a lifetime. For this reason it’s ideal to revisit your needs at least every year to make sure you continue to take the right nutrients for your current state of health.  Taking the right vitamins can be an important part of finding and sustaining your best health. As a physician I believe that many people can benefit from vitamins, as long as they are in safe and personalized regimens, tailored to individual needs.  Personalized vitamins are the best way to make sure you are getting the right nutrients to meet your exact needs.

Eddie Mason

Eddie Mason