February 20, 2024

The Buprenorphine clinic in New Bedford is renowned to provide medicationassisted treatment or MAT. They specialize in treating with much success opioid use disorder with both the methadone and the buprenorphine. Their counsellors also provide a large array of group therapy options as well as individual counselling services for the betterment of the patients. These patients have the options ofbrowsingthe group counsellingcatalogueand then choose the sessions they think will help them along in the most effective way in their recovery.

All these local suboxone clinics in New Bedford strive hard with many other community providers in order to give patientswholesome and comprehensive care. They partner with many other local agencies to give the best experience.

At Buprenorphine clinic in New Bedford each and every patient gets a personalized treatment plan. These clinics will work with the patients exclusively to search for a recovery strategy that would cover all aspects of his or her addiction. The experienced care team consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers as well ascounsellors would help the patient work towards an opioid-free life.

Multiple Treatment Options

There are multiple treatment options available in these clinics which one could take.

Medication Assisted Treatment Or Mat

Medication Assisted Treatment, the renowned program, tactically combine medication with therapy.A buprenorphine clinic will also provide methadone and buprenorphine treatment along with these.

Methadone, as a drug has a history of more than 50 years of use in the field of opioid addiction treatment. Many medicalexperts have named it the “gold standard” of MAT because it is soeffective. When one takes the methadone drug at the recommended dose, it aids the patient feel fewer withdrawal symptoms. It also effectively stops the euphoric effects of many other opioid drugs. These traits make it easier to highlight on recovery as well as build and in certain cases, rebuild coping skills.

Buprenorphine provides various different advantages, as it is acomparatively newer drug than methadone. Methadone treatment needs its patients to initially do daily visits to their doctor’s clinic. In the contrast, the patients can take buprenorphine at their own home from the very beginning. The patient and his or her clinician in the opioid clinic in New Bedford will ultimately decide whether they need the structure of a methadone program or buprenorphine would be more beneficial to them.

Counselling: Individual And Group


Patients who use these personified services also have the privilege to participate in one-on-one as well as group therapies. Evidence from various studies has shown a number of times that combining MAT with counselling helpsthe patients maintain their treatment more successfully.

The individual therapy services in opioid clinic near meoffer patients a proper space to discuss about their emotional aspects of the addiction. Several people who arewith opioid use disorder have many underlying causes that are behind their condition related to their mental health. The counsellor will assist the patient to understand the thoughts and feelings about opioids. They also teach the patients various coping skills. They will partner with the patients to aid them get back to living a fulfilling life.

When one receives care in the suboxone treatment clinic the patients can also take part in group therapy sessions. One of the trained counsellors of these clinics will guide a discussion about the patient’s personalized recovery journey. The patient can share the experiences as well as progress with other patients who understand their situation in a better way. Group therapy enables the patient to find solidarity withseveral other people who have the same goals.

Other Support Services

These clinics understand that the recovery process not only happens inside the clinic but also outside. Further assistance to patients and the community is also offered.

Referrals And Community Resources:

Some patients need extra support from community services. Thus the clinics partners with a variety of organizations that help people improve their quality of life.

Management Of Case:

The social workers would aid the patients find the resources which are needed to have a successful recovery. They also coordinate with all the other servicesthat are provided by the members of the care team to work together.