May 26, 2024
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Right from transporting oxygen, carbon dioxide, hormones, sugar, fats and cells to your immune system, cleansing the overall body, fortifying the body against microbes to regulating water balance, temperature and body pH, the blood circulating through our body is chiefly responsible for numerous things. And hence it is extremely significant to cleanse and remove all wastes and toxins as it extensively helps the body function efficiently and keep diseases at bay.

Although, the body has its own system to take care of the detox process and remove wastes from the blood, namely the liver and the kidneys, along with the intestines, skin, spleen, and lymphatic system, yet it is necessary to uplift the functions of the organs by introducing supplements in the form or foods, herbs and natural remedies that promptly increase the functions of the kidneys and liver, and contribute to the detoxification process.

We bring you 5 amazing food sources that naturally clears out toxins from the body and maintains optimum health and well-being.

5 Incredible Foods To Purify Blood


Thanks to the anti-toxin property of the bioactive component allicin, garlic plays a pivotal role in detoxifying the blood and improving organ functions. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties keep the stomach free of microbial invasion. Have it raw or add it in powdered or sliced form in food, to help lower cholesterol and keep high blood pressure in check.

Coriander Leaves

Loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants, coriander leaves actively help in increasing enzymes in the liver that help promote the blood detoxification process. Having sulphur compounds, the leaves, powder or seeds of coriander helps the body to get rid of mercury and other heavy metals that end up in your bloodstream via the food and reduces overall inflammation.

Beet Root

Being a natural source of nitrates and antioxidant betalain, beetroot extensively oxidative damage in the liver while improving its functions and facilitating the detoxification process. When added in your salads, curry or desert, it helps increase the production of enzymes that naturally detoxify the body.


Imbued with powerful antioxidants and Vitamin C, lemons not only promote the breakdown of fat and ease the load on your kidneys, but also help detox the blood and overall body. Several scientific studies reveal that the liver makes more enzymes out of fresh lemon juice than any other food element. It promotes glutathione production, a liver detoxing protein that helps in ridding the body of toxins.


This magical yellow powder obtained from Curcuma longa plant portrays incredible detoxifying properties owing to its bio active component curcumin. Powered with antioxidants, turmeric produces detoxifying enzymes in the body and cleanses the blood. Besides nourishing your body with essential nutrients and acting as a health tonic, turmeric generates both red and white blood cells that fortifies the body against infections, combat inflammation and promote liver functions.