February 20, 2024

At one time, getting metal braces was the only way to straighten your teeth. Since metal braces are invasive and often very painful, many people were hesitant to get their teeth straightened at all.

Nowadays, however, there are clear braces called Invisalign that slip over your teeth and can be removed whenever you like. There are a lot of advantages to these types of braces, most notably the fact that they’re comfortable, work quickly, and cost a lot less than you think. This being said, it’s good for you to get familiar with some of the aspects of Invisalign before you decide for sure this is what you want, and below are six things you should know before you make a final decision.

Invisalign Isn’t for Everyone

While Invisalign works wonders in straightening teeth, the truth is that it doesn’t work for everyone. Why? Because while Invisalign is designed to correct a lot of different oral health problems, it is not designed to correct extreme problems such as severe crookedness or protrusions of the teeth. The only way to know for sure if you’re a candidate for Invisalign is to schedule a consultation with your dental health professional. Only they can examine you and determine if you are a good candidate for this type of braces.

You Will Still Have an Adjustment Period

Even though these are not harsh metal braces, it will still take time to get used to your Invisalign braces. Invisalign moves your teeth slowly over time, but even though it may not be as painful as braces made out of metal and wire, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience some soreness until you get used to them. The amount of pain will vary with each individual, but you should definitely expect to feel at least some soreness each time you move up to another set.

Aligners Are Only Part of the Treatment

When you choose Invisalign braces, you can’t just wear them and rely on just that to get your teeth straight. You’ll still need to see your dentist regularly, including for adjustments of the braces in some instances, and you’ll have to wear a retainer after your treatment is complete so that your teeth won’t move back to their original position. In fact, some experts say that wearing the retainer is just as important as wearing the aligners themselves, if not more important, and the dentists who offer Invisalign in Geelong will go over this important part of your treatment before you get started.

You Will Still Have to Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Just because you’re wearing braces doesn’t mean you don’t have to see a dentist for regular check-ups and brush and floss your teeth regularly. Good oral hygiene is a must when you’re wearing any type of braces, and with Invisalign, it is imperative that you brush after every meal. Otherwise, food particles can get stuck in your teeth once you put the aligner back into your mouth. You’ll also need to keep the aligner itself clean with regular cleanings, but your dentist can help you with this by providing you with the tools you need to keep the aligner clean and comfortable.

You Have to Wear Your Aligner Most of the Time

Just because it is possible for you to remove your Invisalign mouthpiece doesn’t mean you should do so often. In fact, most dentists recommend that you wear your braces for a minimum of 22 hours per day, which means you’ll have to sleep with them and put them back into your mouth immediately after you eat and brush your teeth. The longer you wear them, the more they work, which means you can actually cut down on the time you have to wear them by wearing them for longer periods of time each day.

You May Need Extra Attachments

Sometimes, dentists have to add attachments to your mouthpiece to make it fit better and to speed up the treatment process. Called Invisalign buttons, these small devices are invisible and comfortable to the patient. Not every patient needs them, however, so your dentist will examine you and decide if the attachments are right for you. Sometimes, your dentist will have to make small ridges in the mouthpiece to make it fit properly, but again, you’ll find this out as you continue your treatment.

Invisalign braces are the perfect solution for those people who need their teeth straightened but who aren’t interested in bulky metal braces. They work on most people with crooked teeth and other tooth problems, and it is as easy as booking a consultation with your dental professional so that you can get the information you need to decide if you want to try them. Your dentist in Geelong will be happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can make the right decision!