February 20, 2024

Change is always scary. It’s not easy to decide to drastically change your field of work, but sometimes it’s just necessary. So how do you prove to an employer that you’re the right fit for a new career feat?

A radical career change is a big and serious step. There can be different reasons for that, and they are individual for everyone: the desire to fulfill yourself, to earn more, the thirst for new experiences, the attempt to realize a dream, someone just wants a change in life. But how to find a job without experience in a new area? How can you convince employers that you can cope with the new responsibilities, despite the records in the employment book that do not correspond to this sphere?

On the employer side of the coin, there are two sides to this coin. On the one hand, if a person wants to change careers, it may mean that he is tired, exhausted and unable to achieve the planned results. On the other hand, if an employee takes this step, it really means what he wants. It means he is full of enthusiasm and determination, and therefore can achieve a lot.

Check out these four tips to help you prove to your employer that you’re ready to reach new heights.

Focus On Your Core Skills

Many professional skills (e.g. secretary and administrator) are interrelated in different areas. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use all of the skills you’ve learned over the years, but some may come in handy in your new position. Bet on them. Think ahead about what previous experience will help you in your future job.

Talk About How You’ve Handled Change

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Have you ever transitioned to a different job with different responsibilities from your previous one? Have you had to move to a different department? Were there changes in your previous jobs that you had to get used to and learn from? Show how you have been successful in learning new things.

Show Your Interest

Why are you so interested in this field, what are you so passionate about that you are willing to cross out your past career? Tell the employer about it, so that he himself lights up his eyes, and he understands why he does it. Showing your interest will greatly increase your chances.

Be Perfect

Remember that you are competing with candidates who already have experience in this field. So the slightest flaw on your part is unacceptable. Your resume should be perfect, you should thoroughly prepare for the interview, choose the right questions and correctly show your strengths.

Of course, with this career change, you should not expect to get a high position and a dream salary immediately, so beware of inflated expectations on your part, but you have to start somewhere.

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