February 21, 2024

In order to lose weight people try different types of weight loss programs and diets like strength training, gym cardio, weights, crash diet, keto diet and many more. But one training method that you might not have tried or just overseen is Kettlebell Training. A kettlebell is an amazing training method to lose weight. But just like every other training how much weight and how quickly you lose weight depends on a number of factors. But the brighter side is kettlebell can help in faster weight loss than other low-intensity workouts. You can surely lose a lot of weight but you must be determined to work hard to see the results.

Kettlebell training has created a lot of buzz in the fitness world. You can see so many celebrities practicing this form of workout. In fact, StrongFirst Instructor in Queensland can help you in achieving the best results through weight loss programs combined with strength training.

Let us now have look at how kettlebell training can aid in weight loss.

Exercises that include kettlebell focus on the movements and not just the muscles. This means that rather than training a single group of muscles like triceps and biceps you are targeting the full body. Exercises like kettlebell swings, kettlebell press, goblet squats are few examples as it uses full body movements.

When you involve more muscles during movements your body would need more energy and ultimately you would burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

  • Build more muscles indeed faster metabolism

If you want to lose weight you must increase your metabolism. The faster and demanding your metabolism is more calories you are going to burn in your daily routine, during workouts and even when you are sedentary.

As we’ve already discussed that kettlebell training involves hundreds of muscles at the same time. Kettlebell, being heavy, ultimately tones and strengthens your muscles for a complete workout. Moreover, active muscles need a continuous supply of energy hence the metabolic rate consequently increases.

  • Best cardio exercise to increase muscle mass

Indeed one more reason why kettlebell training is best for weight loss. It not only works on your muscles but it also upgrades your cardio activity.     Most of the kettlebell exercise includes constant movements, swings, pushes. Moving a kettlebell in different positions needs a great deal of muscle movements and energy.

In fact, an average person can burn around 400 calories in just 20 minutes while performing kettlebell exercises. So, the higher heart-rate more calories you will burn ultimately aiding in weight loss.

  • Burn calories even after workout sessions

One of the most crucial factors about weight loss programs is that you don’t want to lose weight only during the workout (when you are active). So, kettlebell training if performed in the right manner can create a large imbalance throughout the body through homeostasis. So, once you finish the workout the body needs to utilize a lot of calories to restore the balance. Hence, you burn a lot of calories even after workout.

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  • It is Enjoyable, Convenient, and Compulsive

No exercise or training can be good if you are not able to continue it in the long run.  Kettlebell exercise can be performed at home, in the park or at your gym depending upon your choices. You do not need to buy expensive equipments for the workout. Just one kettlebell is more than enough for most of the exercises. So, we can say that it is fun to perform, convenient to do and addictive as you are bound to see results if done correctly.
If you are looking for a training to lose weight then kettlebell training sessions can be fun and compulsive. You can hire a personal trainer in Townsville for better results and make sure you are performing the exercise in a right way.