February 21, 2024
CBD Products

About Fab Nutrition Brand

Considering the demand at which people need are using CBD products, Fab Nutrition Brand has emerged to provide the best CBD products. Based on the Fab CBD reviews, it’s pretty clear that they are the best manufacturer of CBD product. Fab Nutrition has an experience of over 25 years where they have been dealing with pharmaceuticals, health products, fitness and health supplements. They ventured into the manufacture of CBD products in October 2017 and their operational base is located in Tampa, Florida. The company currently deals with four major groups of CBD products. All the CBD hemp oil used in this process is organic and extracted using the safest extraction method.

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Fab CBD Products

Because people face various health problems and they may need to use a product that can ease their pain, Fab Nutrition decided to make four major lines of CBD products. This can also help to enhance the method through which they are consumed. Let’s have a look at the products.

  • Fab CBD Oil

This is the major product line that is produced by Fab Nutrition. To ensure the safety of the used to and to avoid causing dangerous side effects to the users. The oil used is extracted from healthy grown hemp plants grown in Colorado. The oil is extracted using CO2 extraction method. The oil is sold in a 30ml bottle where the strength is available in 1200mg, 600mg, 300mg and 150mg.

The strength variation ensures that these CBD oils can be used to solve various health problems. It’s also clear that some people do not like some flavours. The advantage is that Fab CBD oil comes in flavours of Citrus, Mint and Natural. Fab CBD Oil contains MTC oil which enhances the rate at which CBD is absorbed in our system. For the beginners, it’s advisable to start using CBD oil with 150mg strength to examine how it reacts in your body.

  • Fab CBD Chews

Sometimes consuming CBD products may be challenging. But this should not limit you from enjoying the benefit of the powerful Fab CBD gummies. CBD Chews are manufactured in a way that all the ingredient included are of great importance to the body. They are infused with natural flavours which give it the best taste and aroma. So, whether you are in your office are driving your car to work, you can just grab a piece and use them. Fab chews are sold in a bottle which offers you 30 servings. Fab CBD gummies in this bottle have a potency of 750mg. this implies that each gummy has a strength of 25mg. they do not have HTC which means they do not cause psychoactive effects.

  • Fab CBD Topical Cream

CBD Tropical Cream has a higher role when it comes to the relief of muscles and joint paint. They are also helpful for those experiencing skin problems. It considered as the only products produced by Fab Nutrition which has higher potency of 600mg. it can be applied directly on the skin where you are experiencing pain. The CBD cream has other ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. These ingredients ensure you are not left with a dry and cracked skin after the application of the cream. Apart from the natural terpenes that are obtained from the hemp product during extraction, CBD Tropical creams contain cinnamon, Blood Orange and Chamomile extract. This makes the cream to have a sweet smell that almost everyone seems to like.

  • Fab Pets

If you have a dog and you want to make him happy, Fab Nutrition offers FAB PET-CBD Treats. Cbd for Dog does not contain wheat, corn, dairy and corn. They are free from THC which means your pet will always be operating without the influence of this psychoactive cannabinoid. Cbd for Dog has a strength of 3mg per treat, that’s not bad for the pet. There are there major flavours of Fab Pets; Salmon, Chicken and peanut butter Apple.

Product Material, Sourcing & Testing

All the CBD products from Fab Nutrition are obtained from the hemp plant. Their hemp plant is grown in Colorado under very strict conditions that are line with the health standards. There are no chemicals involved. Full-Spectrum Method is used to obtain Tinctures and Topicals. This ensures that your Tinctures and tropical contain all the healthy cannabinoids and terpenes. On the other hand, CBD oil used in CBD gummies is extracted through CBD isolate extraction which leaves only CBD crystals. To ensure Fab Nutrition reaches to the standards expected, their products are normally tested by a Third-party Lab Known as ProVerde. They major on stability, shelf-life testing, homogeneity, pesticides and the level of CBD on the products.

THC Potencies in Different Fab Products

CBD Oil Drops from Fab Nutrition comes in 4 THC potencies (1200mg, 600mg, 300mg or 150mg per 30mg bottle). The company also ensures that each bottle contains less than 0.03% of THC. Fab CBD Topical has the highest THC potency of 600mg and contains less than 0.03%THC. This potency helps with muscles pain, arthritis and inflammation. The third category of Fab Nutrition product is Fab CBD Chews. CBD Gummies are very safe for any user. With a 25mg CBD (per gummy) and no THC, there are no chances that you will face stern side effects when you use it.

Shopping Policies

People living in Canada, the UK or the 50 states of the US can easily access these products. Shipping is done via US Postal Service. Customers from the USA who order products worth $89 and above will are relieved from paying the shipping cost. Fab Nutrition is very clear when it comes to returning policy. All the shipping cost you pay are nonrefundable but if the problem is with the company, then they will pay for the return shipping cost.

You can only return the products within 30days from the time you purchased it. if you purchase 2 products of the same kind and you open one, you will be refunded. However, when you open all of them, you will not be reimbursed. You must also contact [email protected] to get return merchandise authorization which you will use when returning the product otherwise it won’t be valid. If you are determined to buy the products, you can buy them from Fab Nutrition official page. you can also make your order on Amazon.


Pros & Cons of Fab CBD


  • They are affordable compared to other CBD products
  • They offer both full-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate product
  • They use CO2 extraction method to extract CBD oil from the Hemp plant
  • They allow free shipping (products over $89) to USA consumers and 30days return policy
  • perfect website with enough information on their CBD products
  • Free from gelatin making Fab CBD products vegan-friendly
  • They allow third-party testing


  • They are highly demanded to make the products limited in the market
  • Fab Nutrition doesn’t ship their products internationally
  • CBD chews come only in one flavour
  • They do not offer Isolate chews or oils
Finale Verdict

If you need a health supplements manufacturing company with enough experience and high-quality CBD products, then Fab Nutrition should be at the top of your list. Many people love this company not only because of their high-quality products but because of the concerns they show to their customers. In their Fab Nutrition website, you will be able to pose question, leave a reply and even chat with them on Facebook messenger which is available on the website. If you want to reduce weight, relieve pain or treat cancer, then look for Fab Nutrition CBD products.