February 21, 2024

Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Wrong Position

Sleeping with the head in the wrong position. A regular night’s sleep can be treacherous for your neck. Unconsciously, you can easily sleep through the night with your head off the pillow or unconsciously hunched to the side, or even with your head hanging off the side of the mattress.

Unusual Position for Longer Periods of Time

Activities that require holding the head in an unusual position for long periods of time. Neck strains and sprains can be caused by recreational activities such as stargazing, using your arm to hold a phone to your ear, or watching an air show or a trapeze artist.

Bad Posture

This can be much more serious than sitting properly at dinner or looking confident while walking. Many, bad postures contribute to neck pain, and many everyday aspects of modern life lead to us holding our heads in uncomfortable, unnatural positions for hours at a time. Examples include driving, watching TV, texting while walking, reading a book, gardening, and many more.

Repetitive Movements

Exercise, sports, dance, etc. require repetition to master. Beginners are especially prone to neck injuries because the whole body has to adapt to new movements, some of which have never been done before.

Falls and Collisions

The neck’s ability to somewhat insulate the head from impacts to the body often comes at a cost. While neck flexibility can prevent a concussion, it can result in bruised muscles, strained tendons, and sprained ligaments.

Say "good night" to neck pain - Harvard Health

Easy Solutions for Neck Pain

If you do one or more of the above, you may inadvertently be causing your neck pain to continue. We share our simple tips to reduce neck pain and neck pain treatments.

1. Change the settings of the computer, table and chair

Raise your desktop or laptop screen so that your eyes are level with the top of the screen, or better yet, ask your workplace for an ergonomic assessment of your desk setup. Check out our handy ergonomics kit guide for your workstation.

2. Avoid “Text-Neck”

If you’re sitting on the couch using your phone, place a pillow or two on your lap to raise the screen closer to your eyes. This will help prevent you from looking down so far and straining your neck.

3. Distribute the weight of heavy bags

Use a backpack to distribute the weight more evenly across your shoulders. If this is not possible, alternate arms regularly to balance the load.

Moreover, if you find these tips not working, we offer neck pain physical therapy as well to help our customers get rid of this chronic pain.