February 19, 2024

Semen is the fluid that a man ejaculates during sex. It contains sperms along with other nutritional components like amino acids. Semen analysis is also called sperm count analysis, which helps in getting an insight into the number of sperms, shape of sperms, and their motility.

Usually, your healthcare providers may order for it when you and your partner face difficulty in conceiving. If you are also one of them, visit a sexologist in Islamabad. Your healthcare provider may conduct two to three tests to make a final diagnosis of your sperm count because it can vary due to different conditions.

Why Is Semen Analysis Done?

The reasons for conducting a semen analysis are as follows.

Male Infertility

Semen analysis is mostly done when a couple faces difficulty in getting pregnant. It can help in getting an insight into either male is infertile or a woman. Your healthcare provider may ask you to get other tests done as well.

After Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a procedure in which your healthcare provider would cut the tubes that carry your sperms from testicles to the penis. It is done as a permanent birth control method. After having it, you can not get a woman pregnant.

The healthcare providers conduct a semen analysis after surgery to check its success. The sperm count will indicate the number of sperms in semen. If surgery succeeds, then there would be no sperms present in the semen. Doctors often advise getting it done frequently, after two to three months, to make sure no sperms are present in your semen.

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How Can You Prepare For a Semen Analysis?

For preparing yourself for a semen analysis, you must work on the following things.

Before the test, tell your healthcare provider about medications you are taking. Stop taking any herbal supplements like St.John wort before two to three days before.

Do not ejaculate for 24 to 72 hours before the test.

Stop taking compounds like caffeine, marijuana, and smoking two to three days before the test.

Also, avoid taking hormones or corticosteroids before the procedure.

Your healthcare providers will also guide you about how to prepare yourself for the test. Make sure you give them a detailed history of your health conditions and medications you are taking.

How Is Semen Analysis Done?

Your doctor will guide you about the procedure. Mostly they will provide you with a sterilized container in which you will have to provide a semen sample.

There are four ways to ejaculate for getting a semen sample. The first one is masturbation, second one is having sex with a condom, another one is having sex and withdrawing yourself before ejaculation, and the last one is the use of electricity to stimulate ejaculation. The most effective and clean method to get a sample is masturbation.

If you are collecting your sample at home, make sure you deliver it to the laboratory within thirty minutes. If your home is far from the hospital, you can book a room at a hotel near the hospital, or collect the sample at the hospital. You may find magazines and helping material in the hospital to help you ejaculate.

If you are collecting the sample at home, and you will deliver it to the hospital, make sure you store it at body temperature. Not cold or hot than that, because the altered temperature can affect the results.


Semen analysis is a test that helps in getting an insight into the number, shape, and motility of sperms. It is a non-painful procedure. However, you may face difficulty in ejaculating. Do not overthink it, and get rid of anxiety to do that. Keep yourself relax, and you will do it. Stress and anxiety can affect your performance. If you are facing any difficulty in getting your partner pregnant, do not delay and visit the best sexologist in Islamabad.