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Physical therapy also referred to as physiotherapy deals with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease and disability through physical means. According to Dr. Vinay who is one of the best physiotherapist in Narela Delhi, it provides services to individuals to develop, maintain, and restore the utmost movement. Physiotherapy helps in reducing pain, restore mobility and adaptability, increase the range of motion of joints, strengthen the muscles, and maintain the right posture of the body.


According to Dr. Ajay who is working with one of the best physiotherapy clinic in Mulund, we can classify physiotherapy into two categories on the basis of duration.

Short – Term Physiotherapy:

This includes patients with minor neuromuscular-skeletal lesions. The lesions might be traumatic involving simple soft tissue injuries, simple fractures, or might be non-traumatic. Such patients need outpatient physiotherapy for a brief duration to get well.

Long – Term Physiotherapy:

This category refers to more complicated diseases like atrophic arthritis, major hip fractures like hip, spine which can end in severe physical disability and complications like paraplegia and tetraplegia or may have surgical procedures.

These patients need longer sessions of in-depth physiotherapy and typically are non-ambulatory.

What Does a Physiotherapist Do?


The physiotherapist assesses the patient completely. They hear the matter of the patient patiently. They observe the patients first. They palpate the part. After this examination is completed followed by the provisional diagnosis. After this, they plan the treatment. They also suggest a home exercise regime to strengthen the muscles. They teach the precautions to be followed in order that the matter shouldn’t be flared up. Physiotherapist gives counseling to patients. Physiotherapist teaches the transfer activities to bedridden patients like spine injury patients. They specialize in the control and rehabilitation of gross and fine motor skills in conditions like spinal injury spastic paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, and stroke.

Importance of Physiotherapy:


At present physiotherapy has become a crucial field. Physiotherapy has become an important part of every branch of medical science. It has various importance in our life.

Pain Relief:

Physiotherapy helps to alleviate pain. Various orthopedic conditions like frozen shoulder, arthritis, tendonitis, muscle tear, sprains, and far more, physiotherapy helps to relieve pain by using various modalities like ultrasound, TENS, IFT, wax bath, and exercise therapy including manual therapy and mobilization.

Post Fracture Stiffness:

Fracture sometimes causes restriction within the joint movement after the removal of plasters or surgery. Physiotherapy helps in improving the range of motion of the joints, strengthen the weak muscles, and make them functional for daily activities.

Avoid Surgery:

There are certain conditions where surgery is required but those can be treated with physiotherapy as well. This helps to scale back the post-surgery complications and is cost-effective.

Assist Surgery:

In various surgeries, it’s mandatory to strengthen the muscles before surgery. This helps in the faster post-surgery recovery of the patients. Few such conditions are knee replacement, spine surgery, hip replacements, capsular release in frozen shoulder, ligament repair surgery, and lots of more.

Stroke Rehabilitation:

Initial 3-4 months of physiotherapy helps to reverse the effect of stroke on limbs. With the assistance of proper exercises, a patient can fully recover.

Sports Injury:

A physiotherapist helps in sports injuries. Every game has a trained sports therapist. On the field, physiotherapy helps players to offer their full on the sport and help them get over the injury.

Reducing Risk of Fall:

Physiotherapist teaches balancing exercises also that helps to strengthen the muscles. This improves balance and prevents falls.

Manage Diabetes:

A physiotherapist helps in controlling diabetes. Physical activity and diet control can control DM type 2. A physiotherapist helps in performing the simplest exercises, which may help in weight management, which successively can help in diabetes.

Manage Heart Disease:

Physiotherapist features a major role in post-CABG cases. They assist in clearing the lung secretions. They also help in mobilizing the patients. They train to strengthen the guts. They assist in improving the ejection factor. They form a complete cardiac program.

Icu Care:

Physiotherapist features a major role for the patients on ventilators. Chest physiotherapy helps to clear the lung congestions for patients on ventilation. Limb physiotherapy is important for patients who are immobilized in ICU. A physiotherapist helps in gait training. A physiotherapist usually helps in the back care of the patients by assisting in the prevention of bedsores.

Manage Lung Disease:

Physiotherapy can help in many conditions like bronchitis, pneumonitis, emphysema, and asthma then on. Chest physiotherapy is used to remove the lung secretions. It helps to clear the chest congestion. Breathing exercises help in maintaining lung patency.

Women Health:

Physiotherapy helps in the antenatal and postnatal period. Physiotherapist carries out antenatal classes, which helps in maintaining the ladies health also as child health. It also helps in easy delivery. A physiotherapist also helps during labor pains. A physiotherapist helps in postnatal problems like back pain, neck pain, low back pain with radiculopathy. A

physiotherapist guides the right posture and helps in relieving the pain.

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