May 26, 2024
How Soon After a Tooth Removal Can You Get Dental Implants?

Many different dental problems can lead to the urge for tooth extraction as the only choice. Although it’s not a pleasant experience, tooth extraction can save your other healthy teeth from being damaged. All professional dentists try their bests to save the damaged tooth, but sometimes it’s too late; either you have to extract the damaged, or the other healthy teeth can’t be saved. Fortunately, you can effortlessly replace the extracted tooth as many different tooth replacement options are offered by dentistry. Having a tooth extracted creates a significant dental gap that can ruin your smile and cause other problems like difficulty chewing. Professional dentists serving at a top dental implants clinic in downtown Toronto point out that replacing your extracted tooth is essential as soon as possible. As we mentioned, dentistry provides patients with many different tooth replacement choices, but dental implants are far the most realistic and long-lasting solution. Generally speaking, dental implants have no difference from your natural teeth, and you don’t feel like you have ever lost a tooth. Now the question is, can you get dental implants immediately after having a tooth removed? Continue to read this article and gain valuable information.

What Occurs After Tooth Removal?

After removing your damaged tooth, the empty space may be bothering you. Furthermore, losing a tooth can cause complications over time, including receded gums, weakened jawbone, and increased risk of tooth loss. As the empty spaces grow, your teeth will drift, and you may find your teeth are becoming misaligned. Fortunately, dental implants can prevent all these difficulties ideally.

What Are The Different Types Of Implant Surgeries?

The period you have to wait to have implants is usually affected by many different factors. Typically, there are three sorts of dental implant surgery, including:

  • Immediate dental implant surgery: if your gums are adequately healthy and you have a strong jawbone, you can receive implants instantly after tooth extraction. You can have your damaged tooth removed by an implant dentist to have a titanium post inserted into your jawbone afterward.
  • Early dental implant surgery: as a matter of fact, tooth infection is one of the most common reasons to have a tooth extracted. You must allow your gums to heal before dental implant treatment if you lose a tooth due to a gum infection. However, you should have dental implants inserted within three months to prevent jawbone loss.


  • Delayed dental implant surgery: it’s possible to discover an amount of your jawbone is lost if your extracted tooth was severely decayed. In these cases, your implant dentist recommends you have bone graft surgery to make your jawbone strong enough to get dental implants. It’s impossible to have dental implants if your jawbone can’t provide the necessary support, leading to severe complications and implant failure. Patients who have undergone dental bone graft surgery can get dental implants when six months pass.

After tooth extraction, discuss with your dentist whether you are an excellent candidate for dental implants. Your dentist can correctly guide you and suggest the best option according to your needs!