May 26, 2024
Caring for the Body Is Also Self-care

We live in an era that’s ever more aware of the importance of taking care of one’s self. Gone are the days when the popular quote of “keep working hard” is a universal truth. Hard work is good and all, but what good does hard work do if it just makes you tired and dissatisfied in life? This is what self-care is all about. Balancing your life, understanding that your happiness is important, and that life isn’t just about working and making money.

Self-care by itself has a wide definition. It can mean anything ranging from taking care of your mental health to your spiritual situation. However, one commonly overlooks facet of self-care is the physical aspect. And not just the physical aspect, but the physical aspect that makes you comfortable with yourself.

Body Care is Self Care

Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is difficult when you can’t bear to look at yourself in the mirror. Letting go of your appearance is part of a litany of self-damaging behavior, especially if you’re someone who’s paid a lot of attention to it before. Of course, while looks and appearances aren’t everything, it matters a lot. It might not matter as much to the people around you (we’re all too busy looking at ourselves), but it matters to you- the one looking at yourself in the mirror.

That’s why taking care of yourself doesn’t just extend to eating healthy, going to a therapist, and doing all these self-affirming things. How you look and how you present to people: if these things matter to you, it’s self-care. Whether it’s through makeup or exercising, anything that makes you accept your own skin is a part of self-care.

However, long years of neglecting yourself can lead to not realizing what self-care can mean for you. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are some self-care tips you can follow.

Create a Skin Care Routine

Having a skincare routine isn’t just for smooth, glowing skin. The mere act of applying skincare has some meditative effects. You’re alone in your room, staring at yourself in the mirror, putting in the effort to be better. It’s a cathartic process that can even help you build self-confidence. Especially for those whose anxiety manifests in their sensitive skin, using the best anti-acne products, skin-smoothing cream, and other skincare items can help build self-trust.

People often wrongly assume that those who follow a skincare regimen are vain and narcissistic. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, especially if it helps you love yourself even more. Don’t listen to others and allow yourself to zone in on yourself, and a skincare routine can help you do that both literally and figuratively.

Start Exercising with a Goal in Mind

Exercising can be intimidating. Dumbbells and barbells are heavy, and the gym is loud and filled with those who look better than you. This can drive many people away from exercising, but before you completely turn your back on it, remember that it’s good for you. That it can do you more good than harm. Exercising not only makes you healthier overall, but it also increases both your body image and self-confidence. The two are tied together: with proper diet and exercise, your body will respond better.

In turn, your confidence improves greatly. But the strength you develop during workouts will be another contributing factor. Many people report being satisfied, if not extremely elated, to find out that their athleticism is improving. Exercise is not just caring for your health. It’s also caring for your mind, making it crucial for any self-care agenda.

Lumbar Facet Joint Pain Syndrome and Chronic Overuse, Pain Management

Wear the Clothes You Want

Everyone has their own preferred fashion style. It can be plain and simple but lets you be in a comfortable position. Or it can be something bombastic and loud. What’s interesting is that this still ties into self-care. Fashion psychology discusses the effects of the clothes we wear on the people around us, including ourselves.

So if part of properly caring for yourself is not stifling yourself with clothes you don’t like. Do yourself a favor and make yourself happy by wearing clothes you enjoy. Wear clothes that positively impact how you view yourself. Your goal isn’t to impress other people but to create a self-image that you’re happy and content with. After all, what are people’s validations if you don’t like yourself?

Self-care is a long and constant road. You may need constant reminders to take care of yourself. What’s important is you’re taking the first step towards the decision to treat yourself better.