February 20, 2024

The major muscle groups in the body need intense toning practice. If you want to bulk and tone your muscles but remain under constant pressure to dedicate each muscle group its own time then this blog will offer you advice. Never pressurize your schedule to an extent where you become restless. It’s important to give recovery time to your muscles so that the muscle tissues redevelop themselves to grow stronger and pumped.

There is no constant method or plan that focuses on each muscle group collectively. Certain exercises drive the force to pump and tone your muscles. Plan out a chart with each exercise for each day so that your workout routine becomes harmless for your targeted area and helps you to achieve maximum results.

Note: The exercises mentioned for muscle-building are equipment specific hence, make sure that you also involve in strength-building training so that weight-lifting is easy for you.

Exercise for Each Muscle Group

6 major muscle groups in the body require individual training for intensified results. You can also perform sets of targeted muscle exercises each day. It’s necessary to measure the training so that we have a symmetric physique.

1. Chest Muscle

There are two primary chest muscles including,

–         Pectoralis Major

–         Pectoralis Minor

The largest of the two chest muscles is Pectoralis Major. Pec Major is a fan-shaped muscle that begins near the armpit and spreads out towards the chest. It assists in the arm motions. On the other hand, pec minor is a little muscle located underneath the pec major. It majorly advances in shoulder movements.

Best exercises for chest muscles

The following exercises will help you build and tone your chest muscles. This upper body workout routine can guarantee you a positive result.

–         Incline Barbell Bench Press

–         Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

–         Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

–         Flat Barbell Bench Press

–         Chest Flys

2. Back Muscle

The four primary back muscles to work on are

–         Trapezius

–         Rhomboids

–         Latissimus Dorsi

–         Erector Spinae

Latissimus Dorsi are the second-largest muscles in your body. They are the largest muscle in your back and cover the entire middle and lower back. They are functional muscles that are required for everyday actions such as pushing and pulling.  The rhomboids are formed by the rhomboid major and minor. They are placed in the upper back, directly below your neck, and between your shoulder blades. They are majorly responsible for shoulder movements like bringing the shoulders down and back. Third, the trapezius muscles are broad, triangular-shaped upper-back muscles.

Best exercises for back muscles

–         Sumo Deadlifts

–         Barbell Deadlifts

–         Lat Pull-down

–         Seated Cable Row

–         Dumbbell Row

–         Pull Up

3. Shoulder Muscles

The major muscles include

–         Pars Calvicularis

–         Pars Scapularis

–         Pars Acromialis

Each muscle fiber group contributes to a certain shoulder action. The muscle fiber groups are commonly referred to as the deltoids’ heads by many individuals. The rotator cuff is the name given to the shoulder’s stabilizer muscle group.

Best exercises for Shoulder Muscles

–         Dumbbell Side Delt Raises

–         Dumbbell Front Raise

–         Shoulder Press

–         Cable Face Pull

–         Military Press

–         Flat Bench Press

4. ARM Muscles

The two primary mover muscles include

–         Biceps

–         Triceps

The biceps are a muscle located on the front of your upper arm. The two parts of the bicep including small and the long head, collaborate to extend and flex the elbow. The triceps are located on the other side of your upper arm. The role is to stretch and flex the elbow.

Best exercises for Arm Muscles

–         Bicep Curl

–         Hammer Curl

–         Tricep Push Up

–         Tricep Dips

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5. Legs

The thigh area of your muscles has

–         Quadriceps

–         Hamstrings

–         Glutes

The glute and hip muscles are closely linked.  They provide a variety of roles, the most significant of which is to initiate all types of motions from the hip joint. Furthermore, the hips and glutes serve as the foundation for all of your lower body muscles.

Best exercises for Leg Muscles

–         Romanian Deadlifts

–         Squats

–         Leg Extension

–         Leg Curls

–         Lunges

6. Calves

–         Gastrocnemius

–         Soleus

These two muscles work in synchronization to initiate the foot and ankle joint motion. The gastrocnemius has it’s own appeal, while we workout our main target remains on the one. But it’s equally important to target the soleus as it supports the larger gastric, in function an visual size.

The best exercise for Calves

–         Calf Raises

–         Barbell Calf Raises

–         Seated Calf Raise

–         Donkey Calf Raise

–         Single-leg Bodyweight Calf Raise

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