February 24, 2024

Biryani is one of the most-loved foods of Indians throughout the year. As a large number of people in India consume rice, Biryani takes the taste of rice to another level with the added spices and flavors. If you are looking for authentic biryanis then you will find the best biryani places in Hyderabad. If you are looking to try out the best cuisine in India, you will definitely have to take a look at biryani as well, otherwise consider your journey as incomplete as you will find some of the best biryanis here. Biryani was brought in India a way back by the Mughals, from that time, it became a favorite dish for people and it is evolving with time.

With more and more variants of Briyani being introduced to the people, Biryani is becoming more popular day-by-day. If you are someone who loves biryani or looking to try it out, we are here to tell you about some of the best Biryanis to try out. We promise that you will love to have it as your meal.

Hyderabadi Biryani: Here comes the most popular Biryani of India. The Hyderabadi biryani is prepared by the dum cooking method and is considered one of the most delicious Biryanis around the nation. You can see the hot Hyderabadi biryani served in most of the weddings in Hyderabad. What makes it different is the cooking method as told by the cooks of it, is the cooking style where raw meat and rice with spices are cooked together in a pot (Handi).

Lucknowi Biryani: Again one of the well-known Biryanis in India is the Lucknowi biryani. Lucknowi biryani is also known as Awadhi biryani. Although you might say that all the biryanis are the same in some manner, it is good to know that the different preparation and serving methods are what make them different from each other. The Lucknowi biryani is of smooth meat and rice and is served with yogurt and herbs or Rayta (made of yogurt).

Kolkata Biryani: While most of the biryanis in India comprises meat and rice as their main ingredients, the Kolkata biryani is made of rice, chicken/mutton, egg, and potato. It is prepared with fewer oils and spices; you will find it much lighter in your stomach. Zaffron and Kewda are also added to the Kolkata biryani to give it a slightly better taste and aroma.

Sindhi Biryani: As you can guess by the name, Sindhi biryani comes from the Sindhis, has a different taste and feel to it. Along with the typical biryani, nuts and dry fruits are also filled in the Sindhi biryani that gives it a slight sweet feel due to the dry fruits. It is considered a spicy biryani because of the added chili pieces, coriander leaves, mint, onion, and some roasted raw spices. The preparation and serving make it a special and popular biryani. That’s what made us include the Sindhi biryani on our list.

Kashmiri Biryani: If you are someone who doesn’t like to eat meat or non-vegetarian food and still want to enjoy the real taste of biryani, you don’t need to worry as we have got you covered. Kashmiri biryani is what you must try as it has been developed by the pundits of Kashmir adding no meat, onion, and garlic to it. The Kashmiri biryani is prepared with loads of vegetables and spices. It is a life savior biryani for the vegan community who still loves biryani.