February 20, 2024

Naturopathy is the direction of alternative medicine, based on a natural way of life combined with treatment with only natural products. Also known as natural healing, this area of ​​human care is gaining more and more admirers and followers. Dr. Courtney Holmberg, ND is the expert in this area.
Naturopathy specialists seek to find the cause of the disease through knowledge and understanding of the body, mind, and spirit of man. Various therapies and techniques are used for this purpose – behavioral and nutritional change, herbal therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture.
There are two areas of focus in nature – one in support of the body’s own healing abilities, while the other is based on people’s ability to make the necessary changes to have a better lifestyle and hence a better health status.
The beginnings of naturopathy hide in antiquity, when in every village there was a scholar who treated people with herbs and advice, and sometimes with spells. In the recent centuries, naturalists have professed a philosophy based on water treatment, using sun, light, air, water and herbs.
Today, naturopaths are licensed health care providers in many countries. They offer a wide variety of natural therapies, including homeopathy, vitamin and mineral supplements, traditional Chinese medicine, relaxation techniques, and herbal remedies.
The naturopath specialist should carry out an in-depth analysis of the patient’s diet, lifestyle, signs of stress, or adverse environmental effects before proceeding to appropriate rehabilitation. This is done by completing tests by the patient as well as by laboratory tests to consider all the factors that led to a particular disease.

Naturopathy aims to heal the whole person as a body of body, emotional and mental disposition, and emotional and spiritual state. Naturopathy is a natural treatment method that works on restoring and stimulating the inherent capacity for self-healing for the human body. Naturopaths use a wide range of natural remedies such as diet control, herbal preparations and various types of physiotherapy, such as hydrotherapy, selected according to the individual’s individual needs.
The ancient healers carefully observed the human organism in health and illness and used natural resources – food, water, air and herbs to speed up the healing process. In the 19th century, thanks to a group of doctors, this method gradually became a science of naturopathy. Direction originates in Europe and includes healing starvation, various diets, baths, showers and compresses. The fame of naturopathy is rapidly expanding, techniques are being perfected, and in the early twentieth century they are also found in America. The first naturopathic doctors develop a number of recommendations, for example on the use of herbal preparations and the consumption of more fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, as is confirmed by recent studies. They rely on the adoption of easily digestible foods that strengthen the immune system by aiming for the body not to be loaded with unhealthy products, hampering digestive processes and cleansing out toxins.
Modern naturopaths apply water therapy and physiotherapy to purify the skin, lungs, intestines and kidneys from waste materials, which impede the normal functioning of organs and systems. In their view, cold water procedures are particularly useful for stimulating the immune system.