February 21, 2024

Massage is a natural method that improves health and maintains the strength of the body according to http://www.progressiverehabclinic.ca/. At the heart of every massage is touch-movement. Right through touch, a positive positive therapeutic effect is possible. In general, it acts on the whole organism by relaxing musculature, accelerating circulation, and reducing spasm – muscle tension. It exists as much as the human species.

Massage is a form of medical treatment and a part of physical therapy. It treats with mechanical energy. There are several types of massage:

– manual massage – it uses mechanical force through special hand movements
– mass of reflex zones – pathological changes in reflex zones are discovered here
– vibration massage – performed with vibrators – special electrical appliances
-water massage – is performed with a pulsator that throws a stream of water or air under a certain pressure in special tubs
-ultrasound massage – massage with ultrasound vibrations

Manual massage is most useful in our country. It is divided into therapeutic, sports and hygienic-cosmetic. Applying massage affects the skin, subcutaneous tissues, muscles, joints, nerves, blood vessels.

The effect of massage on the skin

All massages are performed on the skin. Massage removes extinct cells from the skin, secretions of the sweat and sweat glands, bacteria, improves
Breathing of the skin and opening pores, better skin nutrition, skin becomes more elastic and wrinkles disappear.

The body massage on the muscles

Massage improves elasticity and muscle activity. Shorter massage – 5 minutes – sometimes tired muscles recover more quickly than a massage of 30 minutes. Some massage strokes – movements relax and stretch muscles, some reduce cramping, some reduce pain, break down severe tissue, eliminate harmful toxic products.
The effect of massage on the joints

The joint is the union of two or more bones. If muscle inactivity or immobilisation occurs – when the joint is in the plaster, circulation and nourishment are reduced. There may be degenerative changes – ossification, so the joint capsule – armor of the joint – is a scab, the synovial fluid is lost which is important for the normal sliding of the articular parts and thus the normal movements in the wrist are disturbed. Massage can help reduce pain, improve nutrition of the wrist, reduce the island and increase the mobility of the joint.
The effect of massage on the blood and lymphocytes

The massage works on surface vessels of the skin, capillaries and lymph vessels by suppressing blood from the periphery to the heart. It reduces pressure in the veins and arteries and speeds up the flow of blood. The heart starts working properly, and high blood pressure decreases. Massage is opening new capillaries, and the permeability increases with existing capillaries. Massage leads to acceleration of circulation even up to 7 times, and in doing so, the heart does not move. And the lymph flow is improving. Literally, the lymph moves in a drop in a drop, and during the massage it flows into the jet. Lima is important for reducing the island.

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