May 26, 2024
Detoxes & Cleanses

Detoxes And Cleanses

We clean our rooms, cars, and even our inboxes. Why not clean our bodies as well? Your body is strong and knows what’s best for it, but sometimes the organs that filter toxins experience fatigue or slowness.

Detoxes and cleanses are regimens that cause your body to remove toxins— pollutants, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, etc— through the intake of specific substances.

While many cleanses focus on weight loss or blood pressure, finding one that contributes to your energy levels is beneficial.

How To Detox: Organs That Need A Good Cleanse

Your body relies on the careful circulation of waste and nutrients. What’s really cool about the many systems of your body is that they all have their own ways of flushing out toxins and retaining good components.

1.   Liver

Your liver converts toxins into waste products, metabolizes nutrients, and much more. Alcohol consumption and overindulgence are common causes for cleansing.

One tried and true way to avoid ingesting harmful supplements that can cause liver damage is to understand genetic risk factors and watch how much you drink and eat.

2.   Colon

The colon’s job is to take waste and prepare it for elimination. It also absorbs any fluids that can help the body when they reach it on their long journey through the digestive system.

Many colon cleanses focus on using liquids to flush out any present toxins. These types of detoxifications can be found in pharmacies and health food stores. Interested in more of a thorough cleaning? Medical professionals can perform colon irrigation on you.

3.   Kidney

The kidney filters unnecessary substances out of your body and returns good things like vitamins and hormones to your bloodstream. Everything your kidney trashes ends up as urine.

Undergoing a kidney detox could mean trying over-the-counter supplements, or simply focusing on your diet, weight, and liquid intake.

4.   Lungs and Lymphatic System

You probably know that your lungs help you breathe, but do you know how important your lymphatic system is? This system’s job is to drain toxins from your body. In addition it transports lymph, a fluid packed with white blood cells that fight infection, throughout your body.

 Detoxes & Cleanses

Exercise, relaxation, and a well-rounded diet are just a few ways to ensure that your lymphatic system is in good shape.

Safety When Detoxing

Remember that detoxification cannot reverse damage or treat pre-existing conditions. Always consult your doctor before beginning a cleanse.

Many forms of detoxification involve laxatives or restrictive diets. It is important to monitor your energy levels as you proceed with any type of cleanse. Drinking large amounts of water and not eating enough salt and sugar can cause a dangerous depletion of electrolytes. Furthermore, if you already have a preexisting condition, a cleanse must be intentional and chosen wisely.

Agape Nutrition is a great resource for homeopathic health care. One safe method of detoxing is MediNatura’s BodyAnew. In a little bottle with a dropper, this cleanse requires no lifestyle change, and improves energy levels.

With everything from supplements to preventative measures, Dr. Smith is more than happy to help you find the best routine.