Choosing a Denture or Dental Implant

Choosing a Denture or Dental Implant

Loss of teeth affects not only your overall health but also your confidence. There is no denying that when you miss your teeth, you look not very beautiful while smiling. Today, thanks to dental advances, there are several options for replacing missing teeth. In the past, dentures were a common cosmetic dental procedure for having new teeth. Today, there is a new and advanced method of tooth replacement: dental implants. These two methods both have unique advantages and disadvantages. Today, a professional dentist working at Parkview Dental Implant Center explains some similarities and differences between dentures and dental implants.


Dentures are usually a better option for those who have lost many of their teeth. They are removable. Long ago, there was a big difference between natural teeth and dentures. They did not look good, but now they look more natural and can act like real teeth. Another important point about these treatments is the adhesive of their prosthesis. This is the main element to help fix dentures while talking or eating. In addition, choosing a professional dentist is essential for the proper installation of your dentures. Otherwise, you will face complex dental problems such as infection or tooth decay. Prostheses are sensitive and should be cleaned regularly. If you neglect to take care of your dentures, you may notice significant may wear after a while. Today, prostheses are of two kinds: complete and partial.


As the name implies, the first types are used when you have lost your teeth in one or both jaws. There is no problem with this type. They fit easily on your gums. In contrast, the second type is used when you have lost some of your teeth, but there are still some natural teeth. On the other hand, existing teeth support your partial denture. You may need some time to feel comfortable with your prosthesis. But after a while, it gets better, so you have to be patient about wearing dentures. One of the downsides about prostheses may be that they have to be removed every night and kept in a water container. This may seem a little difficult to some people as they may forget to do it every night.

Dental Implants

As mentioned above, dental implants are a new way to replace teeth compared to dentures. They are more suitable for those who have lost one or some of their teeth. Of course, today, there are new ways to replace a set of missing teeth (such as the All On Four Dental Implant). This cosmetic procedure is made of titanium attached to your jawbone. This means that there will be no difference between these false teeth and your real teeth after the healing time has elapsed. One of the biggest benefits of this cosmetic procedure is that they look and work exactly like your natural teeth. Another good thing is that they are fixed on your jawbone and do not need to be removed every night.

Finally, if you are confused about choosing the type of tooth replacement, it is better to consult your dental specialist. S/he will consider all the determining factors and then suggests you the best treatment.