February 20, 2024

Energy drinks commonly claim to instantly boost energy, mental alertness. Generally, energy drinks contain huge amounts of caffeine, sugar substitutes, B vitamins, legal stimulants, and trace minerals. Some common legal stimulants are

  • Guarana, derived from Amazon plant, claims to fight fatigue
  • Taurine, an amino acid, claims to improve athletic performance
  • L-carnitine assists the body to turn fat into energy

These ingredients are added in high quantities then it naturally occurs in plants and food. Such a high concentration of energy drinks ingredients might cause serious damages to mental and physical health

A single serving of energy drink has large amounts of caffeine, sugar, and other key components. The content is certainly present at an increased level in contrast to natural quantities found in food. Drinking and relying too much on such drinks is injurious and can have serious health outcomes.

Some Serious Health Risks

Though there is a broad spectrum of influences that energy drinks can have on overall health. Research suggests that it does more harm than good. It has negative effects on health and can even lead to serious irreversible damage

1. Risk to Cardiovascular Health

The cardiovascular system comprises heart and blood vessels. Excessive use of energy drinks directly influences the heart and its functions. This happens with increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and increased stress level. Taurine interrupts levels of amino acids and water in the blood.

  • It directly influences blood vessels, especially arteries making them unable to dilate during physical activities such as exercise.
  • Also, over the years, with increased consumption of energy drinks, cardiac arrest risks increase profoundly. Recent studies confirm that such drinks might even result in forceful heart contractions.
  • Too much intake of energy drinks can also lead to hypertension. With hypertension, the risk to get stroke is eventually increased
  • Excessive sugar quantities also increase the risk factor of Type II Diabetes

2. Risk to Mental Health

Too many energy drinks can directly impact the brain and might even impair its function. It results in a number of mental issues, most commonly Stress, insomnia, a sensation of restlessness, and irritability. Sometimes it leads to inexhaustibility for certain periods.

  • Though alertness and focus increase with excessive amounts of caffeine, it might result in anxiety and a disrupted sleep cycle and possibly even result in insomnia.
  • Moreover, caffeine in energy drinks can even result in headaches and migraines. This is actually due to the withdrawal effect of caffeine.
  • Studies have shown that energy drinks also trigger stress hormones in the body and might even result in the form of aggression.
  • Research confirms that energy drinks cause fatigue and anxiety; this may even lead to panic attacks. Jitters and nervousness are also accompanied by anxiety and are outcomes of it.

3. Mixing With Alcohol

Alcohol itself is a devastating health drug. Many youngsters and teens use a blend of alcohol and energy drinks. It becomes even more dangerous. Physical disabilities such as the inability to focus and concentrate, the imbalance caused by alcohol consumption are overcome with alertness and focus acquired by ingesting energy drinks.

Such blended drinks enable teens and youngsters to get involved in risky activities, including car driving which can prove life-threatening. It is important to handle such kind of substance abuse because your life is precious.

Few centers provide help by offering treatment for substance abuse, including crystal meth and many others. The aim is to facilitate a healthy and impactful life that an individual deserves.

4. Risks of Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is often taken to boost alertness, concentration, and attention. Too much caffeine is not good for health and well-being. Taking excessive amounts of caffeine in any means, including coffee or energy drinks can lead to addiction. It might even lead to disruption in a heartbeat, blood pressure, fatigue, and insomnia.

It is important to take caffeine in moderation to avoid negative effects on the health. The dilemma is that many popular energy drink manufacturers are reluctant to mention the amount of caffeine in that particular drink. Thus, an individual tends to ingest exceeded quantities of caffeine in ignorance.

5. Dehydration

Energy drinks can possibly lead to dehydration. The effects are profoundly increased with the habit of taking energy drinks before, during, and even after exercise. This is extremely dangerous and creates excessive dehydration in the body.

Caffeine is a diuretic (increases the desire to urinate), leading to loss of fluids from the body. Thus it is important to avoid unnecessary use of energy drinks all the time. Water is the best fluid to quench your thirst and to stay away from negative harm.

6. Risks for Youngsters

Teens are more inclined to energy drinks; however, the harmful impact of such kinds of drinks is even more for teens and youngsters. Few studies conducted in the US have shown that energy drinks negatively influence teens in numerous ways.

Most importantly, it has been observed to cause dental erosion among youngsters and teens. The main reason is the excessive sugar content. It also impacts the brain, heart, kidneys, and even bones, especially in teenagers.

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7. Risk To Behaviour

Energy drinks are advertised with claims to improve athletic performance and endurance. Due to such claims, teens and youngsters take energy drinks for specific behavioral outcomes. Usually, young people are seen as more attracted to it because it makes them super active.

It becomes difficult to channel energy productively and get into behavioral activities such as fighting, rash car driving, and alcohol and tobacco abuse. In extreme cases, it might even make them commit crimes for the sake of adventure.

Take Away

There are many sources to acquire energy, such as food and exercise. Energy drinks are a quick yet devastating way to acquire energy. Though it has gained much popularity among teens and younger people, the after-effects are bad for physical and mental health. It is important to avoid energy drinks and opt for more natural and fresh beverages.