Sublocade Treatment —- Complete Insights

Sublocade Treatment —- Complete Insights

When you start off with opioid treatment, the process might be time taking and often very hard.  The medication, therapies, sessions, rehabs all these stages are immensely complicated and hard to follow. People thinking to take up treatment against drug addiction would often be confused between which medicine to choose for better results and less side effects. When searching for best treatment for opioid addictions you will get good amount of options.

The most common treatments are sublocade and suboxone treatment, these two are quite popular amongst the suggestion. There are many more but suboxone and sublocade are much easier kind of treatment to opt for.

Why to choose sublocade treatment?

Sublocade is new in the market for which not many people know about this treatment, or its effects and results. Sublocade is also a type of buprenorphine which is taken in monthly base. Like any other kind of treatment this treatment too haves is advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of sublocade treatment:

  • Sublocade is given in a form of injection, which releases bupronorphine in your body for a month. This way the amount of bupronorphine needed in your body remains the same.
  • Research says it effortlessly controls the opioid craving and helps in keep your stability.
  • If you miss on your medication once, the withdrawal symptom tends to show up abnormally. In this case the medicine stays in your body for 1 month which helps in controlling the withdrawal symptoms easily.
  • Medication is not the only thing that is required in treating drugs abuses. To properly get out of a drug addiction. The individual must figure out what were the reasons for the addiction and work on avoiding it. Sublocade is monthly base medicine which provides the patients time to attend therapies and counseling. So that the addict can figure out the root cause the addiction.
  • The most important benefit of sublocade treatment is unlike suboxone , sublocade is not addictive at all.
  • The treatment is now available in any suboxone treatment clinic or even in sublocade treatment centers.

Disadvantages of sublocade treatment:

  • The most important disadvantage of sublocade is its pricing. Sublocade costs some between 10-15 thousands per month. Whereas suboxone or any other medication are more cheap than sublocade treatment. This is major reason which restricts the many people for adopting this as treatment.
  • One cannot intake sublocade by themselves as it is injection base medication. Therefore it becomes complicated and time consuming.
  • Well, when you start taking treatment for drug abuse your motive is to overcome it entirely. But, if you talk to people who have been in buprenorphine treatment they will agree that it becomes pretty hard to come off the medication. It feels more like you came out of one addiction to get in another.
  • Another con of sublocade treatment is many individual using sublocade may come across mild side effects or no side effects at all. But in some cases the effects are very much severe.

 Why sublocade over suboxone?

  • There are many differences in sublocade and suboxone treatment. Suboxone is given in initial stage of treatment and sublocade is prescribed only when the addict is also in suboxone medication for weeks and have shown tolerance.
  • Sublovade medication maintains the buprenorphine level in the body which reduces the chance of oral buprenorphine abuse. As sublocade is given once in a month.
  • Another possible reason why you should choose sublocade over suboxone is suboxone is addictive in nature and can become an easy addiction.
  • The main aspect of any treatment is properly managed. If you think only taking sublocade or suboxone will completely recover your addiction, then you are wrong. It requires balanced treatment plans which include therapy, sessions, counseling to get optimum results.

How to find good sublocade treatment center?

You can easily find sublocade treatment clinic by searching in Google or can find by searching suboxone treatment clinic as most of the suboxone treatment centers also provide sublocade treatment. you can also search for doctors near you for getting advice before starting your treatment. For example you can search sublocade doctors in Randolph or you can simply search suboxone treatment clinics in quincy. These are few ways that will provide you with the maximum result.