February 23, 2024

Electrical muscle stimulation stimulates your muscles, causing them to contract. Every act that you want to do that requires you to pick up something or to do work means that your muscles contract to lift or move. The muscle contraction starts in your brain as a thought, such as, “I want to pick up my pen.” There is then an electrical impulse that moves down the nerve to your muscle to help you pick up the pen. EMS fitness training contracts your muscles externally and make them stronger.

This form of fitness training helps you by contracting your muscles from the outside. Your muscle gets a work out from contracting via electrical stimulation in the body suit equipped with technology to deliver external electrical stimulation. EMS is a very safe way to work your muscles as it uses a low level of electricity that is safe to use to help you get stronger.

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In fact, EMS can exercise some muscles that don’t normally get worked out in a regular workout routine. So you get a better, deeper, more complete overall workout of your muscles than you would without EMS. The workout is deep and effective. The best way to use EMS is to exercise while you wear the EMS apparatus.

Twenty pads are put on 10 paired large muscles that are important to all movement and activity. With a personal trainer, you then train to exercise the muscles connected to the EMS. In the end, you get assistance with contracting large areas of muscle. This results in getting stronger with shorter training times.

EMS doesn’t shock your muscles into spasms, but it uses the body’s electrical signal pathways to stimulate muscle contraction. This is a nerve connection, not a muscular connection. The electrical current is low and safe. EMS is a specific intensification electrical stimulation of your muscles.

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We want to help you train faster and harder. You get your major muscle fibers moving and into a great workout. You will experience three 90-minute traditional weight workouts in just two 20-minute workout sessions with EMS fitness training. This saves you time and doesn’t overwork your joints, which are critical to take care of as you train.