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As you do, you rise on the leaderboard and level up, collecting badges. Then, at seven months after the knowledge test and with at least 45 hours of verified practice time, you are eligible to book a readiness assessment with your instructor. On the Highway to Help, you’ve passed your knowledge test and are attending instructor-led in-car training while continuing to keep up with online requirements between lessons . If you pass, you need to purchase your Class 5L licence and begin in-car practice lessons (good luck!).

The City does not issue Private Transportation Company driver’s licences directly to individuals. You will need to apply through a PTC for a licence prior to driving for a PTC. • a motor vehicle with three or more axles, towing a towed vehicle not equipped with air brakes.

  • A third party vendor is a business that is authorized by a Canadian credit bureau to provide access to Canadian credit information.
  • Employees must be aware of its existence in the safety plan.
  • Follow these steps to download and install the latest software for your printer when you experience installation problems.

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Logs are accurate when analyzed for distance travelled over a period of time. When requested by an inspector, the driver must produce his or her logs and trip documentation without delay. Documentation includes anything in the driver’s possession that an inspector may use to determine compliance. The driver returns at the end of the day to the location from which he or she started. Once a cycle has been designated, the driver may not switch to the other cycle unless the appropriate reset provision has been satisfied. In the above example, the driver would be in violation of the 10-hour, off-duty rule, despite being off-duty for 10 hours, because all the off-duty hours form part of the mandatory eight hours.

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No motor carrier shall request, require or allow a driver to drive and no driver shall drive after the driver has accumulated 14 hours of on-duty time in a day. Drivers can produce any combination of the current log with on-duty and off-duty hours recorded in the ”Remarks” section for any day that a daily log was not required in the previous 14 days, and the duty status records or daily logs.

If you are outside of Ontario when it was lost or stolen you will have to go through adifferent process. If you will return to the province within 6 months you can contact ServiceOntario and arrange to have a temporary paper license mailed to you. Once you return to Ontario you will have to visit a ServiceOntario location to have a new license issued. If you will return to the province later than 6 months you will have to pay, through mail, for a new full license card to be mailed to you.

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If you’d like to check if your update has been accepted, you can revisit the Online Voter Registration Service at a later date and check if you are registered at the correct address. If you’ve recently changed your name (e.g. after getting married), the service may not recognize your new one. To find out what to do, please read the next point “If you cannot register or make updates online”. When you register yourself or change your address online, the option “I have a different address type“ does not exist.