Top Benefits of CBD Lotion

Top Benefits of CBD Lotion

One of the most popular enigmas of the hemp wellness industry is CBD lotion. Once people started hearing that they can appreciate the benefits of CBD with the use of a skin lotion they began buying off of the shelves almost as quickly as it was stocked. Today, CBD enthusiasts all around the world love to treat themselves to the soothing, relaxing application of skin lotion that has been infused with the greatness of their favorite cannabinoid; CBD.

Drenching the Epidermis

For centuries people have understood that keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated keeps them from experiencing dried out, scaly, itchy skin. Although CBD itself is not known to aid in skin moisturization, it is an oil and can be infused with other oils that are known to penetrate the skin and provide deep moisturizing care on a high level.

For example, a superior lotion that is made up of avocado oils, aloe vera, Calendula, and other well-known and highly effective oils can be supplemented with a dash of hemp extracts that include CBD. 

All of these oils combined can work with each other in order to deliver an outcome that will not only help to thoroughly moisturize the skin but also leave a radiant-looking glow for your entire body.

When using higher quality lotions that contain CBD you will discover that the lotions do not leave a greasy residue on your skin, but will, instead leave it feeling healthy and refreshed.

Exfoliation of the Skin

One of the best ways to keep skin looking healthy and radiant is to consistently remove dying or dead skin that builds up on the outer layer of the body. Sometimes it is easy to see this dead skin, but other times the only way to notice its presence is by recognizing that the skin has an unhealthy, dull look to it. 

Bodywash products and loofa sponges are among the most popular ways to help with exfoliation, however, there are also CBD products that can be applied as a mask. The way that it works is that you apply a generous layer of facial masks to the face and allow it to dry for some time. When the mask has been set and is ready to peel off, you simply peel it away and give your face a good cleansing.

Although it is not a common practice to cover the entire body with a mask product, it is good to exfoliate the rest of the body as well. This is where a high-quality CBD lotion comes in handy.

When you faithfully take care of your skin by using good lotions and other moisturizing techniques, when it is time to exfoliate and scrub away the older skin it is much easier. Healthy skin that is well maintained does not have as much dead skin to scrub away as skin that has been building up dead skin layers for a long time.

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Calming and Relaxation

One of the greatest perks of using CBD-infused lotion is that can be created in a fashion that takes advantage of scents and a feels of various terpenes that are known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the people that experience them. Terpenes that come from flowers such as lavender rose and lotus can be blended together with CBD oil, and other moisturizing skin oils that create a package that helps to heal and restore the skin as well as help the person using it to experience the calming aromas of flowers and other botanicals.

CBD in itself is known to help a person relax and find comfort from stress and discomfort, however, the possibility that it will provide relaxation through the skin into the bloodstream is pretty slim.

Transdermal CBD patches may have the capacity to reach the bloodstream and go on to the rest of the body in order to deliver the calming effects of CBD on the brain, but lotions simply do not travel that deeply into the skin. 

However, on the other hand, there is a theory that anecdotal evidence suggests that the CBD that is in CBD lotion can interact with the endocannabinoid system receptors that are just under the skin. What this means is that the system that is networked throughout the entire nervous system, known as the endocannabinoid system, may be able to utilize the CBD that is in the lotion to send signals throughout the brain and the body that will help to relax and calm the person that is using it.

Although this is an indirect method of ingestion, the effects are assumed to be just as potent as they would be if the CBD was introduced into the bloodstream.

Anti Inflammatory Properties

One of the greatest uses of CBD lotion is that anecdotal evidence suggests that there are powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are nestled in the confines of CBD molecules. Besides dry, damaged, and flaky skin problems, one of the biggest issues that people have with the skin is inflammation.

Acne, psoriasis, and eczema are very common ailments that invade healthy skin. Although it is not correct to say that CBD is a cure for any of these conditions, there is evidence that points to the possibility that CBD can alleviate skin inflammation, therefore reducing or eliminating the presence of these skin conditions.

What makes it difficult to pinpoint where CBD comes into the picture is that these skin conditions can be the result of several factors such as climate, diet, genetic structure, and even the amount of daily stress the particular person is under at any given time.

Because CBD and other cannabinoids are believed to have powerful anti-inflammatory potential the concept that using CBD lotion on a regular, even a daily basis, is popular among CBD enthusiasts that believe that the combination of CBD, high-quality moisturizing oils, and calming terpenes help to alleviate the symptoms of skin inflammation.

CBD and Antioxidants

Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD has powerful antioxidant properties. If you are not aware of the benefits of antioxidants, lets shed a little light on the subject:

As we go through our daily lives we are constantly attacked by elements in the environment that we can’t possibly avoid. Free radicals come from the sun’s rays, the foods that we eat, particles in the air that we breathe, and everywhere else imaginable. These free radicals cause oxidation within our bodies, throughout our bloodstream, or organs, in our bones, and everywhere else.

A great example of oxidation is when you see the obvious signs of aging on a person’s face or skin. As time goes by, free radicals take their toll on our bodies inside and out by constantly bombarding us with their presence.

An antioxidant is an element that fights free radicals and slows down the aging process. Granted, it will not completely stop aging from happening, however, it will help to keep the skin looking younger and more supple for a prolonged time.

Regular use of CBD lotion can promote defense against oxidation and free radicals. Along with eating right, daily exercise, and other methods of wellness it is possible to keep free radicals at bay and prolong youthful skin – as well as the rest of the body.

High-Quality CBD Products

Keep in mind that not all CBD products are created equally. There are plenty of companies out there that say that they have wholesome, great products, but not all of them do. Do yourself a favor and seek out highly esteemed companies like High Falls Hemp NY so that you never have to worry about using harmful CBD products with inferior ingredients. What’s the point in living a wellness lifestyle if you are going to cheat yourself?