Smoking In The Pandemic Times

Smoking In The Pandemic Times

In the tough times of the pandemic, everyone has been forced to stay indoors. But if you are a smoker, it gets quite difficult. With your loved ones, especially kids being around you can not enjoy fully. There is a fear that you may harm them by passive smoking. Also, there is a pungent smell in the home. There is ash all over the place and it is not the same as there can be fire incidences due to fire flakes. To end all your worries vaping is here. There is no fire involved and no ash. Also, the various different flavours solve your problem of smell. You can sit next to your spouse and enjoy it and they shall not be offended. It is going to make your time at home even more memorable and relaxed. Geek Vape UK has come up with many different designs for the same.

So, What Is So Interesting About Vapes?

Vapes are actually better looking and effective devices working on similar principles as the e-cigarettes. They are not as bulky as the initial ones. Now they have turned slim and sleek. They are also available in various colours to match your mood. The tobacco is not in solid-state. It is rather in a liquid form. The liquid is a nicotine salt that has a higher concentration of nicotine. All you have to do is draw a puff and it starts to generate vapours for you. The Geek bar device is made of good quality products for a premium experience. You can use it comfortably. The pods are prefilled and so is the battery. In the disposable devices all you have to do is puff it to your content and when done, just throw it away. No charging the battery, no refilling. Just enjoying. When you need the next one buy one from Geek Vape UK. You can do it online and they shall ship it to your doorstep.

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Anything That Can Last You Long?

For the people who are heavy or regular smokers, you must invest in reusable devices. They come with a better and longer sustainable battery. You will have to charge them once a day. That too can be done with a laptop. And when your pod is finished just switch it with a new one, maybe of another flavour and use it. For regular users, the same flavour can be redundant. So, while you still enjoy the usage of nicotine and get the satisfaction; you can enjoy a fruity flavour. So, your body is getting the nicotine but it does not smell or tastes the same. Isn’t it amazing? You must try it to believe it for yourself. There are over 25 fruity flavours in Geek bar for you to choose from. Another interesting fact is that they come in so many vibrant colours, that even once they are finished you may like to store them for fun. Go on grab one.