Everything You Need To Know About Ultrasound


The ultrasound medical test requires sound waves of high-frequency to determine the working of the body. The test captures the image of the body and is often referred to as Sonography. It uses the same technology as radar or sonar. The ultrasound test includes checking for the problems underlying in the body. Moreover, the process does not require any incision, which is why it is regarded as healthy. Many people are confused about whether radiation is used or not. No radiation is used in determining the condition. Therefore it is the most preferred method for checking the health of the foetus.

Why should you carry out ultrasound?

To get your ultrasound done, you will need to visit the ultrasound clinic. The most common reason for carrying an ultrasound is to determine the health of the foetus during pregnancy. It gives the mother a chance to get a glimpse of the baby. Moreover, there are other benefits as well. If you suffer from pain in the abdominal region, the ultrasound clinic professionals will carry out the test. Some of the prominent organs you can get a view of include bladder, brain (in infants), eyes, gallbladder, ovaries, kidney, spleen, uterus, blood vessels, thyroid and more. The test also helps the physician to understand how they will proceed with your treatment.

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How should you prepare for the ultrasound?

Usually, your doctor will ask you to prepare for the ultrasound based on the region and organ of examination. If your abdomen is being examined, the doctor will often ask you to fast for eight to 12 hours before the test. If you have any undigested food, it can block sound waves which will prevent to get the correct results.

However, for the ultrasound test of spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, and liver you can take a regular meal and fast till the ultrasound is carried out. Nonetheless, you can take your natural medicines and water depending on the suggestions of the doctor. In some of the cases, the doctor will prescribe you to drink sufficient water to fill up the gallbladder. It will ensure a proper view.

You should be honest with your doctor before carrying out the treatment. If you are into any kinds of medicines and herbal supplements, you should consult about it with your doctor. If you are doubtful regarding any of these things, make sure you clear it with your doctor.

Unlike other processes, ultrasound does not have risks attached to it. It does not cause radiation. Thus it’s a very safe procedure.

How is ultrasound carried out?

Usually, visiting the ultrasound clinic requires you to change into the hospital gown for better results. The sonographer will apply a lubricating jelly on the skin to avoid friction. This will transmit the sound waves on the body.

Your doctor may ask you to change positions depending on the area of examination. The process isn’t long and may take less than 15 minutes. Once you complete the process, you can head to your normal activities.

The reports usually come within a day or two. Thus, you may check up with the doctor after getting your report to understand if you are suffering from a medical disease or not.